MISS ONELIFE Beauty Pageant – 7th of April in Bamboo Club – Bucharest

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miss onelife MISS ONELIFE Beauty Pageant – 7th of April in Bamboo Club – Bucharest The MISS ONELIFE conceptFor the first time in the world, contestants from 30 countries from all over the world will participate in the MISS ONELIFE first edition. Miss OneLife will take place in Bucharest on 7th of April in Bamboo Club – Bucharest.

With its unique concept, Miss OneLife it will revolutionize the beauty pageant industry and the cryptocurrency usage.

Miss Onelife s the first international beauty competition organized in all the history using cryptocurrency. Beside the conventional fiat money (euro, US dollars, etc.) the MISS ONELIFE production costs will be covered also in cryptocurrency, promoting the future of payments and the financial transactions. For the first time, an international event will promote the use of cryptocurrency.

Miss OneLife target audience is 20-50 million people from more than 190 countries.

All the MISS ONELIFE partners will be promoted to our audience applying a complex worldwide promotional plan. Our promotional plan include the most efficient promotional tools, nationally and internationally: the official website, televisions, radios, written and online press, indoor and outdoor promotion, press agencies, influencers, bloggers and vloggers, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Conceived as an exclusive high class event, the show will include artistic moments (singers, bands, dancers, etc.). All the important national mass media representatives will be present at the event (televisions, written and online press, bloggers and vloggers, etc.) and few special guests.

Through the presence of the 30 country representatives invited in the host country to compete in MSS ONELIFE 2019, we have the opportunity to promote for 30 days the host country culture, traditions, history and tourism in front of 20 – 50 million people around the world, making from this point of view MISS ONELIFE – one of the most efficient promotional projects ever produced in Romania.

For the national and international audience, the MISS ONELIFE 2019 Grand Coronation Show will be broadcasted LIVE. We will be air the show on the MISS ONELIFE official website.

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