The Legend of the ONE will continue

Data: 18/08/2020 | Autor: .

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Dear OneLife Community,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the system will be temporarily down for an extended period of time. We know this is unfortunate, however we can confirm that the new system will be up and running before the end of August, and from then onwards we will not have to revisit these issues which are occurring. This is based on the work which the third party IT company has been employed to do.

We apologize for all inconveniences caused as you continue to move towards developing your MLM career which you have trusted us to be building with you.

We thank you, for your patience and ask you to continue Trusting the Process. This is a massive moment in the history of our company and beyond a shadow of a doubt or concern, we are going to become greater than ever before!

The Legend of the ONE will continue! Here’s the exciting part!! We promise our community that we will start the Super Wonder Wheel for 1 entire Month where all the new activations will receive minimum 50% and maximum 200% extra promotional tokens once the system is back up and running again.

*Rest assured that every new activation will be given a chance to receive Super Split which is another exciting news for our community*

Coin transfer limits will be opened as well for our existing members for 14 days when the New System is stable.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE GOING TO INTRODUCE A MIGRATION PAGE So it’s safe to fill out your details on that landing page so visit the following sites to register your details.

*Don’t forget to Buy Lucky Training Draw tickets from the following site*

Thank you OneLife family for your understanding in this regard!
The Company & Captain


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3 comentarii

  • 19 august 2020, 4:48 Swadesh Mondal says : raspunde

    Great onecoin

  • 20 august 2020, 16:58 HORIM Yun says : raspunde

    I like the Onecoin.

  • 23 august 2020, 21:03 Fabio Cardona says : raspunde

    Todo se bien mucho lujo glamour pero tengo dos inquietudes ya esté proyecto tiene mucho tiempo y nosotros que somos los pioneros de una u otra forma creo que merecemos un poco de respeto y consideracion estuve observando en geogle que la moneda cambio drásticamente de valor en la plataforma fr onelife aparecia 29 casi 30 euros y como así que ahora aparece 0.000866 por un onecoin que esto es una cambio demasiado brusco ahí se las dejo ah aparte de eso llevamos varios años esperando el proyecto y ahora quieren más tiempo creo que no es justo porque el tiene de sobra valla y venga pero los que no tenemos grave. Muchas gracias

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