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  • 7 iunie 2020, 20:57 Winnie says : raspunde

    Dear sir,

    When onecoin can exchange ? and what the problem with onecoin to late and why KYC so take to long time for approved ?
    Thank you i hope you can answer me.

    • 22 august 2020, 11:03 Muhammad Ayub says :

      Dear Sir

      Onecoin is being exchanged with numerous products and services across the Globe, and if you mean to say exchange with other currencies, it may take some more time, as i understand unless an equilibrium of onecoin with usability is established it may be harmfull for the members of onelife and the ecosystem of the onecoin. Onecoin is a uniform currency to be used in future for every thing, but it is building its foundation, let’s hope better and wait for another couple of months atleast. Its a combination and study of finance, economics, mathematics, accounting, statistics, engineering, market behavior, human physiology and geographical and local laws for its adaptation. Think and wait and see.


  • 17 august 2020, 4:47 Quachmanhvuong says : raspunde

    Tôi để nghi tập đoàn có đường lin hướng dẫn vào trang ĐE ALSHAKER để mọi thành viên oncoin Tham gia trang.

  • 20 august 2020, 9:17 Hamza says : raspunde

    Dobar dan kada ce OneCoin izaci na berzi i da li ja mogu prodati koji onecoin

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